Honoring Individuality

St. David’s Episcopal Day School is a Christian-centered community that believes in the infinite value of each individual’s unique qualities as created in the image of God. For this reason, honoring your child’s individuality is part of our mission, and we implement school-wide measures to ensure a personalized educational experience for our children and families.

One of our largest strengths at St. David’s Episcopal Day School is our small class sizes and low teacher-to-student ratios which promote intimate engagement in learning. At our school, children form unique bonds with teachers and classmates while building confidence and character through being known as a valued member of our community. The school climate at St. David’s Episcopal Day School is influenced by our Christian values and promotes acceptance, diversity, and love. Our environment is inclusive of children with different learning styles, and we pride ourselves on proactively providing acceleration and support for diverse learning needs.

Classrooms and hallways at St. David’s Episcopal Day School will be decorated with photographs, artwork, and projects that exemplify outstanding education rooted in an Episcopal identity that welcomes all of God’s children. In our early childhood curriculum, themes such as “All About Me,” projects such as “Star of the Week,” and activities such as show-and-tell help children learn how to embrace their own individuality.

We look forward to nurturing your child’s individual development and lifelong learning success! Click here to fill out an application for one of our high-quality educational programs.