Extracurricular Activities


Our library extracurricular helps children gain language arts skills and develop a love for reading. Children visit our library (which is housed in a separate classroom space dedicated to children’s literature and literacy) to select books to borrow and bring home. A thematic story is read during each library visit and children are encouraged to lead discussions.


Through interactive and engaging lessons, a Spanish teacher educates children in Spanish vocabulary and simple phrases. In addition, children will also explore and discover the wonders of Spanish culture.

Physical Education

Our physical education curriculum develops children’s hand-eye coordination, locomotor skills, body awareness, and balance. Activities include movement games that encourage children to “cross-the-midline” and that practice other gross motor skills such as throwing, kicking, catching, running, jumping, hopping, and climbing as well as pedaling a tricycle.

Nature Center

The nature center is held in our “outdoor classroom” and gardening area. This extracurricular inspires children to learn about science, math, and art through hands-on applications in an authentic learning environment. Examples of activities in our nature center include sensory and art exploration, nature walks and learning about life cycles of plants and animals. Nature Center is held year round with themes that are planned by an instructor who specializes in nature-based learning.


During chapel, children support their spiritual growth through participation in scripture readings, prayer, bible stories, homilies, and song led by a rector from St. David’s Episcopal Church.


Our art lessons take place in a space specifically designed for artistic exploration and creativity. During this extracurricular activity, children learn about topics such as color, spatial relationships, artistic techniques, and art history while exploring the following materials: paint, clay, paper, pastels, crayons, watercolors, and recycled everyday items.

Music & Movement

Children learn about rhythm, tempo, pitch, notes/scales, and musical instruments through fun, playful lessons, and songs. Each year parents are invited into our school for a musical concert or play.