Christian Values


We believe in the power of kindness, compassion, generosity, cooperation, and empathy to change the world. Through developmentally appropriate service projects, students learn how to help others, how to ‘give back’, and how to understand the complexities of social justice. We practice these ‘kindness’ virtues as well as sharing and being a good friend, on a daily basis within our classrooms, school community, and in activities with our Episcopal parish.


We respect the dignity of every human being and show our students how to lead lives respectful of oneself, others, the environment, and God as creator.


We teach children how to live a life of excellence and honesty. Our devoted teachers and staff serve as role models for integrity and lead by example.


We are committed to teaching children how to live and learn among people of diverse races, cultures, beliefs, physical abilities, learning styles, ages, and economic backgrounds. St. David’s Episcopal Day School is accepting of children and families of any religion and faith. Our curricular themes promote fairness, tolerance, equality, and multicultural awareness.


We embrace each individual in our school community as a child of God and promote self-esteem, confidence, and independence. Children learn in an environment that supports personal growth, unique learning styles, and creative thinking.


We strive to help children understand the value of facing life’s challenges. Our long-term project-based learning activities and gardening lessons promote persistence and problem solving within the context of real-world applications.


We help our children learn about the vitality of community through age-appropriate responsibilities and roles within our classrooms.


We show love, give love, and teach love for all things made in God’s image.


We celebrate heritage as teachers promote our students’ unique roots, cultures, and traditions.

Christian Values in Action

Classroom Activities

  • Weekly chapel services to that develops children’s spirit.
  • Children participate in daily “jobs” such as snack or calendar helper to learn the importance of being a vital aspect of a community.
  • Each classroom is equipped with a multicultural/diversity center with materials and books that promote understanding of people from different backgrounds and/or religions. Examples of items in this center include things such as books about children with food allergies, disabilities, and autism; a child-friendly bible; or a Noah’s Ark play set. Throughout the year, we include materials that educate children about various holidays and celebrations such as Christmas, Chinese New Year and Hanukkah.
  • Classrooms are decorated with photographs of children and their families to foster each child’s identity.
  • Our “Star of the Week” activity, in which each child has the opportunity to share his or her special qualities with the entire class, promotes individuality and self-confidence.
  • In a unit on friendship, children gain an understanding of kindness and respect and how to resolve conflicts through problem-solving.
  • Children explore 39-acres of land on the church’s historic property. In this “outdoor classroom” and our gardening area, children learn thankfulness, how to respect nature and all of God’s given gifts.
  • Parents and caregivers are invited to volunteer in our classrooms to share their family’s unique qualities and traditions with our classes.

School-wide Activities

  • Each month we celebrate a different “value” by selecting a book to be read aloud in each classroom. These monthly books spark important conversations and activities surrounding such topics as friendship, empathy, differences, thankfulness, sharing, and individuality.
  • Families and children participate in school-wide service projects that help communities in need. Examples include book, clothing, and food drives for non-profit organizations.