prekindergartenPre-Kindergarten – Building Foundations!

In our Pre-Kindergarten program at St. David’s Episcopal Day School, children are introduced to concepts that provide the foundation of skills necessary for success in Kindergarten. Independence is encouraged in our Pre-Kindergarten (or Pre-K) program in which children enhance their social, emotional, physical, and academic skills through self-paced exploration in a positive learning environment. Unique to our school is our Christian values curriculum which strengthens emotional intelligence and fosters character development through developmentally appropriate lessons on topics such as empathy, respect, sharing, friendship, and honesty.

Through hands-on, playful, and engaging activities intended to spark the curiosity of young minds, our Pre-K students explore many activities that parallel a Kindergarten classroom such as mathematics, literacy, science, social skills, cultural studies, and technology. Concepts in each of these areas are not taught to mastery but intended to support a smooth transition to Kindergarten. Our Pre-K curriculum utilizes fun thematic units to ensure that children’s learning is tied to authentic, meaningful experiences. Curriculum resources in our Pre-K classroom include Wilson Fundations® for Pre-K students which strengthen alphabetic principles, letter/sound correspondence, and supports fine motor and writing skills.

During a typical day in St. David’s Episcopal Day School’s Pre-K classroom, children participate in circle activities, child-directed play and learning centers, small group activities to support individualized needs, indoor or outdoor recess, and extracurricular activities. A healthy, mid-morning snack is included. Parents are welcomed into our classroom environment through various volunteer opportunities and yearly programming such as holiday concerts or “Guess the Guest.” Field trips are included in the Pre-K learning experience and provide a valuable method for experiencing concepts “up close.”

Extend Your Pre-Kindergartener’s Day

Lunch Bunch: Pre-K students are invited to stay for lunch (brought from home), play, and stories until 1:00.

Enrichment Option: Please visit our enrichment page to learn about our specialized “clubs” that are offered through 3:00.

Before/After-School Care: Our early care program runs from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. and our after-school program runs until 5:30 p.m. (please note, sufficient enrollment in these programs is required in order for them to run).