“First Foundations” Parent and Toddler Program

St. David’s Episcopal Day School is pleased to offer a specialized parent and child program for toddlers that nurtures children’s development  and supports parenting skills and education.

First Foundations parent and toddler program is designed to encourage whole-child development through play, socialization, and interactive circle activities, all with the comfort of a trusted adult nearby. In addition, this program promotes confidence and learning among caregivers who are encouraged to share and question in active discussions surrounding parenting, child development, and early learning topics. Our program is a wonderful opportunity to gently introduce your toddler to a classroom setting, build friendships, and become part of a supportive community at St. David’s Episcopal Day School. (Please note caregivers are welcome)


Program Goals:

The goals of the parent and child program are:

1) To help children build a strong foundation of social/emotional, language, cognitive, and physical skills through thematic play-based methods of learning.

2) To support caregivers and parents.

Thematic Examples:                    

All About Me

Our Teeth and Dental Health

On the Farm

Our 5 Senses

The Life Cycle of a Frog

Our Feelings

The Wind + Weather

Daily Schedule

The parent and child program includes: circle activities, self-directed and guided play, playground/outdoor time, snack, stories, process art, and weekly parenting topics/discussion.