Outstanding Education

Commitment to Exceptional Education

Educational excellence is a hallmark of Episcopal Schools. SDEDS, a member of the National Association of Episcopal Schools, was established in 2017 as a ministry of St. David’s Episcopal Church and is guided by the authority of our Vestry. Our ‘Episcopal identity’ means that our school promotes social justice, nurtures spiritual development, and is rich in community life.


State-of-the-Art Facilities & Campus

39-Acres to Explore

Children can explore and learn about important science and mathematical concepts in an authentic environment on the St. David’s Church 39-acre property that includes a small creek, fairgrounds, and an arboretum.


Environmental Learning Center

The campus grounds are also home to a nature and environmental learning center equipped with sensory gardens, a “mud” kitchen, and raised edible garden beds. Students reap the developmental benefits of learning through natural objects in a play-based environment.


Expansive Playground Facilities

St. David’s Episcopal Day School features a newly installed playground from Playworld with areas for younger and older students to build gross motor skills.


Smart Technology

The school boasts interactive SMARTBoard technology and iPads as well as STEM manipulatives that provide a multisensory experience and engage students in critical thinking skills.


Highly-Trained Teachers and Strong Leadership

Our certified teachers and school leaders are dedicated and passionate professionals in the field of education with advanced training and specialized degrees. Together, our Head of School and Assistant Head of School have over 45 years of experience working with children and families in a variety of educational settings.


Standards of High Quality

Our Nursery School, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten are licensed as a private academic school through the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Our twos programs are licensed through the Department of Human Services (DHS) and students do not need to be toilet trained to attend. Our extended day and enrichment programs are also licensed through DHS. St. David’s Episcopal Day School is also an active member of the National Association of Episcopal Schools and teachers are trained in the fundamentals of our Episcopal Identity through this organization.



Enriching Learning Experiences

Our early childhood curriculum for twos through Kindergarteners supports whole-child development through self-directed, hands-on, process-oriented activities intertwined with thematic units and Christian values. Through carefully designed play-based instructional experiences aligned with the state standards, children build skills in the following areas: social emotional development, physical development, language arts, cognition, cultural development, technology, creative development, and Christian formation.

SDEDS enhances curricular experiences such topics as Spanish, physical education, art, outdoor learning, and music. In the afternoons, students may select an enrichment area of interest to study in more depth. Enrichment programs include cooking lessons, Fundations phonics, Spanish Immersion, Yoga, and STEAM.